Job Launch Certified Recovery Support Worker Pathway

Many people choose a career path of helping others attain sustainable recovery – having achieved it themselves – they understand the challenges and the need for support. The Peer Recovery Coach Role was created for this very reason.

The Certified Recovery Coach Credential looks different in each state. Many states call it something other than what we in NH call it, a Certified Recovery Support Worker or CRSW for short. And each state will have their own requirements. However, many states follow the minimum guidelines for training education set for by the International Certification of Reciprocity Consortium or IC & RC for short.

New Hampshire CRSW is governed by the NH Licensing Board for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals. Their website can be found at

The laws governing the requirements for the CRSW credential are referred to as the ALC 300 Rules. As a person interested in becoming a CRSW, it is critical for you to be familiar with this document. This document can be found on the above mentioned website (

In short, the requirements for a CRSW include, but are not limited to the below

30 hour Peer Recovery Coach Training

12-16 hour Ethics training

6 hours of HIV/AIDS training

6 hours of Suicide Prevention training

500 hours of work or volunteer experience in a peer service delivery role

25 hours of supervision from a qualified supervisor

An exam (administered by the IC & RC)

A background check

And more, as noted in the ALC 300 rules mentioned above. Please review this document.

Choices Peer Recovery Coach Trainings is partnering with Job Launch to provide you with the necessary trainings.

Below is a list of upcoming trainings:

Begins August 4th and runs through Sept 3rd, every Tuesday & Thursday from 5:30pm EST to 8:30pm EST – Choices Peer Recovery Coach Training – 30 CEs

Sept 10th & 11th, 8:30am – 12:30pm; Choices Suicide Prevention for Non-clinical Workers

August 13th & 14th, 8:30-4pm; Choices Ethical Foundations for Peer Recovery Coaches

August 25th 8:30-4pm; Choices HIV/AIDS for Peer Recovery Coaches

To register for any of these trainings visit here:

Please work with Whitney  Brown to set up funding/scholarships for these trainings.

Whitney from Job Launch: (603) 715-6651,

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